PNC Cognitio School

Welcome to Academic Year 2022 -2023 Registrations

PNCCS is a now a Scintillating Grades K-12 Cambridge Pathway School with Reckoning Finnish Model integrated into Cambridge Academic Learning Styles of Our Teaching Methodology thus enriching our Unique Pedagogy for Our Student Cognitians

PNCCS is now Open for Registrations of Students for enrolment into Day care Section, Early Years to Grade12 A level Admissions of Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum for the Academic Year 2022-2023.

Note: Filling in of this form alone will not confirm your ward’s admissions into PNCCS School Roll, request you to proceed further to meet up with our Admission Counselor on School Campus.

As per the records. Format should be dd-mm-yyyy Note that your ward age should be atleast 2 years 10 months as on May 31st of that academic year for Prep-1.
Grade for which admission is being sought

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